Ahmed Hamada

Professional photographer

Scope of Work

  • Working with clients to discuss the images they require and how they want to use them

  • Working in different locations and circumstances to get the right image

  • Using an extensive range of technical equipment, including cameras, lenses, lighting and specialist software (Use various photographic techniques and equipment)

  • Developing expertise with software to digitally enhance images by, for example, changing emphasis, and cropping pictures.

  • Enhance the subject’s appearance with natural or artificial light

  • Able to compose a shot, understand framing, color and light to create a visually pleasing photograph.

  • High Computer Skills as Most photographic manipulation is done through computer. Retouching photos, adding details or other digital additions will be through a computer.

  • Have an eye on everything before, during and after the shot. Attention to detail makes sure that every hair is in place and nobody is photo bombing in the back of the shot.

The Most Important Conferences he covered

    • Constitutional Court event in February, 2019 “ The Third High Level Meeting for the Chief
      Justices and Presidents of the African Constitutional and Supreme Courts and
      Constitutional Councils”


    • World Bank event in February, 2019 “unleashing digital development in Egypt”


    • EU – event at Ministry of investment and international cooperation in 2018


    • LAS event in November, 2018– “Arab Sustainable Development Week”


    • Who event in November 2018


    • AHK event in October, 2018– The Art of Civil Engineering


  • Egyptian Food Bank event in June 2018