Based on a 12 years experience in installing and operating conference and interpretation systems with Sennheiser, our main goal is to provide our clients with the best conference services possible. Relying on one of the most professional manufacturers worldwide SENNHEISER, we guarantee to our clients using the most advanced technology in the field of conference and interpretation systems.

our services

Conference Management

Conference full arrangements including conference identity, visuals and branding, online and onsite registration, full technical support and on ground rescue teams as well as conference kits and giveaways

Translation Services

The art of translation is to understand the source language’s terminology, grammar, cultural connotations and source text subject then to render all that in the target language.

Conference Systems

Our Conference units are very elegant with compact designs that harmoniously blend in with any conference room.

Audio & Visual Systems

Audio systems are not only about installed loud speakers to cover a certain area. It is about distributing the sound in the place in a way to ensure that every participant in the hall would receive a crystal clear audio signal.

Tour Guide System

Our Tour Guide system allows you to deliver a highly professional guided tour. Combining the bodypack transmitter with a headworn or clip-on microphone, will give you total freedom of movement during your tour.

Interpretation Systems

Radio frequencies interpretation system has the ability to work with 12 interpreted languages in the same time. The RF System ensures that the guest can move freely anywhere around the meeting area and has the interpretation in the same time.

Other Services

Publications & Visuals, Wireless voting system, Video conference system, Video Recording and Playing

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World Bank High-Level Conference 2020

World Bank High-Level Conference on Accelerating Learning in the Middle East and Africa 2020 Under the auspices of the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt, and to underscore the urgency of improving learning outcomes, the World Bank and Egypt’s Minister of Education and Technical Education (MOETE) organized the “High-Level Conference on Accelerating Learning in […]

EU Photo Competition

The European Union photography competition has been an annual event since 2008. The competition is considered as part of the EU support to the Egyptian cultural scene and in promoting talents, as well as highlighting the various activities under the bilateral cooperation between the EU and Egypt. The EU Photo competition 2019 theme was “Egyptian […]

African Currency Forum Conference

The African Currency Forum, hosted by the Central Bank of Egypt Printing House on behalf of the Association of African Banknotes and Security Documents Printers (AABSDP) The conference was held in Savoy Hotel in Sharm El-Sheikh. EBS was honored to handle full organization and management for 4 days setup for the conference. The event included […]

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